Blommit Icon on Iphone

Fellow Iphone users, who happen to enjoy perusing the gonzo culture site Blommit. Now when you add the site to your homescreen- the Blommit Icon will serve as the placeholder instead of that mess of a screenshot all those other websites offer.

I designed this icon a couple months back and since have been using it as our twitter mark.

Shout out to Ben Cheney for the news.

Finally, an explanation

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Systemic Stays

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Verizon doesn't understand simple math [pic]

Verizon told George Vaccaro that bandwidth charges in Canada were .002 cents per kilobyte, but billed him at .002 dollars, or 100 times as much as he was quoted. You gotta hear the phone call.

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The Website Is Alive

For better or worse, the website is up and running. It's gonna need some tweaks so be gentle.

The VDub is done

I had a green, he had a red. We both chose to go.

HST's letter of resignation

Post for Blommit- Used a poem written as an introductions in one of his last books.