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The Advertising Model

The personification of what we're trying to do in this business...

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Battle of the Brands

Eff the Sun

A video from the last campaign I worked on at the Brandcenter.

AD- Shane Knight
CW- Charles Hodges

Making "New" Safe

Spend millions of dollars on new branding and rather than inherently understand that the masses in general are reluctant to accept change but inevitably do, immediately do the safest thing possible- remind people who they used to be.

Pepsi has called themselves "Generation Next" and they fulfill the promise by doing the exact opposite...on a massive scale?

I am a fan of the new logo, and according to a very scientific design strategy, comes from a very profound and progressive place- something that is supposed to be in Pepsi's DNA. But as the second largest initiative since the brand introduction campaign, this "throwback" is a step back in reinforcing what the brand is aspiring to be.

Still Relevant

Leo Burnett speaks about advertising...

Butter Sleep

My good friend and fellow Blommiteer Charles Hodges created something truly remarkable for our topic of Insomnia this week.