Isn't We Lovely

For three consecutive evenings, my fellow cohorts and I have been glued to our evening television set. We've watched one prolific speaker after the next making profound and aspirational pledges and promises to a hotbed of followers, to a nation steeped in interest. First in the Pepsi center and tonight at Invesco Field, pundits and politicians have preached change and hope to a crowd that licked it up like batter covered spoons.

This will be the first time in my life I will remember getting the tingles from a political forum. We, as democrats, have assembled a Republican strike team like never seen before. Celebrities, senators, sinners and saints, throw in a Nobel laureate, and you've got something truly impressive.

In all of this, there has been one group that I couldn't ignore. They were there for Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton as they unfolded emotional speeches, they were even there for Barak. In fact, it seems like every time the camera pulled away from the speaker, there they were, front and center. For three nights, they garnered as much camera time as any celebrity that came out to commune with the with the hopeful croppies.

It seemed to me, both venues were populated by, what was without a doubt, one of the ugliest crowds I can recall seeing anywhere...ever. Now, keep in mind I'm not talking about "ugly" in the sense they were rude to each other or the VIP's. I'm not talking "ugly" in the sense they spoke overtly negative about their adversary political group. I'm talking ugly in the sense that they were some of the least physically attractive individuals I've ever laid sights on.

Shot after candid shot of the aesthetically unfortunate.

Is this really the way we all look now? Or perhaps, and frankly quite likely, it is, but mixed with another, more manipulative tactic. My belief is that every one of those faces, that were ugly enough to chase off a bear, were hand picked.

It's come to the point in this America, that while we still aspire to look like the chiseled Spartans, we really relate, with the fuglies.

Brilliant. If the Democratic party developed an insight like that and engaged it, well, then we've finally done something right. If each one of the faces that beamed into our living rooms through gappy chompers, wiggling chins and trademarked foggy minded smiles were picked because they represented some voter group the Barack camp was trailing with, it demands the title "brilliant."

If not, well...shit.