The Strategist's Wet Dream: $70 Mil. Jenny Craig Hears Final Pitches

Oh if there's ever been an arena to empower the plus sizes, this just may be it...

Jenny Craig is concluding final presentations this week in the review of the creative on its $70 million ad account, meeting with at least three agencies; Omnicom Group's DDB in San Francisco, Publicis & Hal Riney in San Francisco and WPP Group's Y&R in Irvine, Calif.,

All have presented, along with one other unknown west coast shop that may also be involved, a decision is expected within a week.

Let's ask ourselves, what other product or organization has a real opportunity to speak to such a thick portion of the American consumer? Let' s chew on a couple things;

First, how will a new Jenny campaign tell women they are perfect the way they are but could still use an improvement? "You are empowered and strong because you are woman (roar) buuuuuut (said in a high pitch tone as though broaching the subject in front of a room full of female night-shift convenience store clerks) let's face it you're not attractive to yourself or the opposite sex."

Or is that an understood in women's advertising and does not ever need to be addressed?

Second, it seems as though appealing to these women, this especially insecure group, involves communicating such an incredibly deep understanding of how it feels to be a plus sized lady. And to add to that already difficult proposition, do it in a way that has never been considered before? Anything less and you've wasted your money and another CMO clone with no vision and the inability to approve a progressive campaign.

Third, what person, place or Little Debbie will stand as the icon for a new, improved and more relatable Jenny? Will it be just another voluptuous but striking female whose strong because she's willing to talk about her love of Junior Mints but really hasn't shown a whole lot of progress in the program herself? Maybe women will get a "super-size" me style campaign where they all get the opportunity to follow the determined soul through the rough times to come out on the other end a changed person who can wear the little black dress?

Don't stay up nights excited to see the work because, well, it's just not worth it...

I'm not addressing this to offer a solution, but because I beg to be surprised by a new approach to dieting. In the meantime, keep a look out for a group of individuals wearing fat suits in a metro setting, sitting in on self-help groups and discussing the sub-conscious pleasures of an oreo cookie- they'll be the strategists for the winning agency.