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The Advertising Model

The personification of what we're trying to do in this business...

Thanks Jelly Helm

Battle of the Brands

Eff the Sun

A video from the last campaign I worked on at the Brandcenter.

AD- Shane Knight
CW- Charles Hodges

Making "New" Safe

Spend millions of dollars on new branding and rather than inherently understand that the masses in general are reluctant to accept change but inevitably do, immediately do the safest thing possible- remind people who they used to be.

Pepsi has called themselves "Generation Next" and they fulfill the promise by doing the exact opposite...on a massive scale?

I am a fan of the new logo, and according to a very scientific design strategy, comes from a very profound and progressive place- something that is supposed to be in Pepsi's DNA. But as the second largest initiative since the brand introduction campaign, this "throwback" is a step back in reinforcing what the brand is aspiring to be.

Still Relevant

Leo Burnett speaks about advertising...

Butter Sleep

My good friend and fellow Blommiteer Charles Hodges created something truly remarkable for our topic of Insomnia this week.

Blommit Icon on Iphone

Fellow Iphone users, who happen to enjoy perusing the gonzo culture site Blommit. Now when you add the site to your homescreen- the Blommit Icon will serve as the placeholder instead of that mess of a screenshot all those other websites offer.

I designed this icon a couple months back and since have been using it as our twitter mark.

Shout out to Ben Cheney for the news.

Finally, an explanation

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Systemic Stays

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Verizon doesn't understand simple math [pic]

Verizon told George Vaccaro that bandwidth charges in Canada were .002 cents per kilobyte, but billed him at .002 dollars, or 100 times as much as he was quoted. You gotta hear the phone call.

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The Website Is Alive

For better or worse, the website is up and running. It's gonna need some tweaks so be gentle.

The VDub is done

I had a green, he had a red. We both chose to go.

HST's letter of resignation

Post for Blommit- Used a poem written as an introductions in one of his last books.

A manifested first date

A post I did for

A Losing Society

A brief examination of my bosses as a young man

The Anatomy of Stink

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The Apple Alternative

Here's to the lazy ones.

Here's to the lazy ones.
The standards.
The conformists.
The peacekeepers.
The assists to the big scores.
The ones who don’t see the opportunities.
They're not fond of risk.
And they live their life by the status quo.
You can ignore them, forget about them, chastise them,
abuse them, abandon or acquire them.
About the only thing you can't do is envy them.
Because they are the forgotten ones.
They copy. They mimic. They quote.
They follow. They recreate. They absorb.
They push their chosen idol forward.
Maybe they just have to be supporters.
How else can they stare at an empty canvas only to recreate another’s work of art?
Or sit in silence and wish for the life of a leader?
Or gaze at possibility and see only a hurdle too high?
We have roles for these kinds of people.
While some see them as the lazy ones, we see a tragedy.
Because the people who are lazy enough to think
they can’t change the world, are the ones who watch others do it.

How any given thursday may play out...

How to define color...

How I define color

The downside of business cards

Find more opinions of the business card at

Monument Crowds

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The immensity of the crowds was mindblowing

Info design goodness

Good Magazine's information design showing Bush Administration's tactics for the war